What We Do

1. Monetary, Foreign Exchange Intervention and Credit Policy
Monetary Policy: the Inflation Targeting Strategy in Colombia

The objective of monetary policy in Colombia is to maintain a low and stable inflation rate and to attain a maximum sustainable level of output and employment. In this way, monetary policy fulfils the Constitutional mandate to maintain the purchas... [ + ] información

Foreign Exchange Intervention Policy

Banco de la República's policy strategy seeks to maintain a low and stable inflation rate, as well as to achieve output levels close to the economy’s potential.

2. Other Functions
Banker of banks


Government Banker, Fiscal Agent and Trustee


Issue of Legal Tender

The currency-issuing attribute, characteristic of the Nation’s monetary sovereignty, is exclusive to the Banco de la República and can not be delegated. This attribute has materialised by means of various contracts, with the authorisation of Congr... [ + ] información

Administration of International Reserves


Promoter of Scientific, Social and Cultural Development