Banco de la República: The Most Trusted Institution in the Country

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With a score of 68 points out of 100, Banco de la República was recognized as the institution that generates the most confidence among the country's opinion leaders. This is according to the twelfth version of an opinion poll conducted by Cifras & Conceptos.

The firm surveyed 2,004 opinion leaders (politicians, journalists, academics, members of the private sector and social organizations) in 17 departments throughout the country and in Bogotá between July 9 and September 30, 2020.

During the survey period, Banco de la República stood out, and still does, for the measures it adopted to deal with the impact of Covid-19 on the Colombian economy. These include providing abundant liquidity in domestic and foreign currency, lowering the benchmark interest rate, and purchasing government and private debt. 

According to Cifras & Conceptos, the leaders consulted are those who guide public opinion, are far-sighted, and influence political issues and topics on the national agenda.

Banco de la República will continue to operate with transparency and independence in the interest of all Colombians, by preserving the purchasing power of domestic currency, supporting sustained economic growth, and contributing to financial stability, the proper functioning of the country’s payment systems, and appropriate management of cultural affairs.


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